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Bunny's Poems

Daughter of the Sea
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Daughter of the Sea
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~Daughter of the Sea~


He sailed upon an angry sea
In a ship with a crew of thirty-three
The hold was full
Ten thousand doubloon
Still red from the blood of the slain
She waited for him by the bay
Praying for the moon to guide his way
She never knew where
She never knew why
All she asked was for a kiss goodbye
The sky burst open
Thunder roared
Flaming arrows crashed through the hull
A floating cinder box
Soon turned to ash
Screaming echoes faded to back
The cargo and crew
To never come back
A peice of wood drifting in an endless sea
Guided by the moon to a distant shore
She waded through the water
Tears in her eyes
Slowly she lifted the driftwood high
Holding it up for the moon to see
My Lord you have failed me
The moon smiled back at her
Sweet daughter of the sea
An honest man he would never be