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Bunny's Poems

Eternal Love
A Wish Upon A Star
Am I Alone?
Daughter of the Sea
Eternal Love
Every Wire Unwind
Forgiving Friends
Friends Don't Always Last
*How Come?
I Love You
Life Is A Prison
*My Inside
*Not in her Storm
Running in Darkness
Seek Not My Heart
She Walks
Something Must Be
Terra Incognizant
The Kiss
*The Path
The Soft Glow Of The Moon
Tortured Moon
Warped And Twisted
Without You
Contact Me

~Eternal Love~


Remember me

When the wind blows through the trees

The leaves fall to the ground

Flowers wilt and echoes fade

Acorns are cracked and eaten

The snow falls then melts away

Rain washes away the tears

And the sun dries the puddles up

Fires blazing in the sky

Even they someday must die

Spirits rise while bodies fall

Love is what shall save it all

Though seasons change

And days seem dreary

Night falls and eyes are weary

I watched you from within

It may seem like life passes too fast

Remember me

And our love shall last