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Bunny's Poems


A Wish Upon A Star
Am I Alone?
Daughter of the Sea
Eternal Love
Every Wire Unwind
Forgiving Friends
Friends Don't Always Last
*How Come?
I Love You
Life Is A Prison
*My Inside
*Not in her Storm
Running in Darkness
Seek Not My Heart
She Walks
Something Must Be
Terra Incognizant
The Kiss
*The Path
The Soft Glow Of The Moon
Tortured Moon
Warped And Twisted
Without You
Contact Me



Sweet and silent tenderness
I feel it in your touch
Every time reminds me
Why I love you so much

All the times you hold me
When I am so cold
I hope it will continue
While we're growing old

You make me feel so innocent
Just like a little child
And sometimes you make me feel so different
You make me feel-- so wild

I never thought I'd find you
But I'm really glad I did
You bring out all the feelings
That for so long I have hid

Some people's love will flourish
Or some may just go violent
That's why our's will last
Because some are better...silent