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Bunny's Poems

I Love You
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I Love You
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Contact Me

~I Love You~


I laid down and thought a space
Of how tosay what's in my heart.
I pondered a great long while,
But could think not fo where to start.

I wonder sometimes, should I say these little things?
Is it right to let them show
But then toss the worries to the winds
For what can I say that you don't know?

I might perchance make a note upon,
How the softness of your voice makes me quiver
As an angel's wings under heavenly lgihts
Would tend a bit, in joy, to shiver.

I could hint that upon hearing your voice
My mind can not work or reason;
Anymore then a swan could swim a frozen lake
During the cold, wintery season.

I might relate upon a gental beauty
That I find within your soul.
How, as trees into the earth,
I can breath in being whole.

Each of these things I might impact,
But darling I will tell you true,
I can sum up a whole lot
Just by saying, "I love you."