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Bunny's Poems

A Wish Upon A Star

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~A Wish Upon A Star~


Dare I to wish upon a star,
For something that so special was?
Dare I to wish upon a star,
Or ask this question because,

So far into this world
That I have left to go,
Yet never shall I find the like
Of the you that I've come to know.

Never shall I find such a soul,
That should completely ease my mind.
A heart so kind and gental
That I could easily leave mine behind.

How can I look at another
When you in my eyes I still see?
Even when I do heartly try
They cannot compare to thee.

It is not that their countenance be not fair,
Or that they have not nice words to impart,
It is only that are nothing that is you,
And that they cannot break my heart.

Goodbye, say they, a thousand times,
And not a difference will it make to me,
For them to say goodbye is joyous,
Leaving my love for you to set free.

It is not that they cannot be pleasing,
Nor carry a passionate touch you see,
But touches that carress the skin can be many,
And touches reaching the soul are worth more to me.

So I sit and wonder,
Dare I wish upon a star?
Dare I to dream that what is held in my heart,
Can be held from where you are.

I think I will dare, jut a while longer,
In hope that you may find
The place where you connect,
All of your heart, soul, and mind.

So I shall wish upon a star,
The brightest one in the skies,
The one that twinkles with lively delight,
And reminds me of your eyes.

And I shall make this wish tonight,
And every night that passes from this day,
Until the light of that star should die,
Or the remains of your feelings fade fast away.