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Bunny's Poems


A Wish Upon A Star
Am I Alone?
Daughter of the Sea
Eternal Love
Every Wire Unwind
Forgiving Friends
Friends Don't Always Last
*How Come?
I Love You
Life Is A Prison
*My Inside
*Not in her Storm
Running in Darkness
Seek Not My Heart
She Walks
Something Must Be
Terra Incognizant
The Kiss
*The Path
The Soft Glow Of The Moon
Tortured Moon
Warped And Twisted
Without You
Contact Me



Do you ever feel as if you don't belong
Though you try to convince yourself
That this feeling won't last long...

It's like an empty hole that is eating you away
You wish you had the courage just to end it all today

False gods are not a comfort
For you in all your pain
But still you deal and tell yourself
'You're weak if you complain'

Finally you see yourself for what you really are
A worthless piece of human flesh; a temporary scar.

'End this all!' your body screams
'Take this all away!'
But then you'd be a rotting corpse left there to decay

Undecision ends in strife
The truth is never known
Day by day you wake again
Just to be alone.