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Bunny's Poems

*How Come?

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*How Come?
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Warped And Twisted
Without You
Contact Me

~How Come~


Why live for something thats not there?
Why live for someone that doesnt care?
Why pray for the light, that will never come?
Why should i wait for her, her, the one?

Is it worth it to go through life?
Is it worth it to put up with the strife?
Is it worth it to love her so sure?
Is it worth it to be so secure?

When is it right to tell her you care?
When is it right to show her your fear?
When is it right to tell her good-bye?
When is it right to let her cry?

How come we go through life like this?
How come we have our false happiness?
How come i felt good when her tears dried?
How come it felt bittersweet when i died?