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Bunny's Poems

*The Path

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*The Path
The Soft Glow Of The Moon
Tortured Moon
Warped And Twisted
Without You
Contact Me

~The Path~


Am I ready for the path today?
Or should I turn and run away?
Should I seek the path before me?
Or should I continuie to live in this fantasy?

You say its fair to give and not get,
But everytime I give I regret.
Regret living all these lies,
Always blinded by your cries.

I regret the truth I told to you
About how I only knew.
Am I ready for the path today?
Or should I stray to the side and hideway?

The pain is hidden deep inside
Where the truth and secrets hide;
Hide from you and hide from me,
The truth that I could never beleive.