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Bunny's Poems


A Wish Upon A Star
Am I Alone?
Daughter of the Sea
Eternal Love
Every Wire Unwind
Forgiving Friends
Friends Don't Always Last
*How Come?
I Love You
Life Is A Prison
*My Inside
*Not in her Storm
Running in Darkness
Seek Not My Heart
She Walks
Something Must Be
Terra Incognizant
The Kiss
*The Path
The Soft Glow Of The Moon
Tortured Moon
Warped And Twisted
Without You
Contact Me



tTere onces was a boy
Who set in the back
But no one could tell
He was starting to crack

He did his work
And never talked
Just stared at people
And some he stalked

No one to love him
He had no friends
He went home crying
Wanting the end

He came to school
Day after day
He mummerd to himself
Someday you'll all pay

Just recently
He went to school
He pulled out a gun
This shit is not cool

He held up the teacher
A smile on his face
By this time
He was a nut case

He shot the teacher
Down to the ground
He startied killing people
Like a blood hound

He start to shake
Gun to his head
It all faded away
The boy was dead

He had killed himself
Blown out his brains
That was the way
To get rid of his pain